ladies get outside: interview with delaney

It's Tuesday yet again, which means we have our 3rd interview with a Ladies Get Outside ambassador! Today we will be hearing from Delaney, who usually seems to be on some awesome adventure over on the east coast, please check out her instagram feed and give her a follow!

Along with this LGO interview series, I wrote a guest post for them on my experiences in New Zealand plus a few tips on how to maintain a healthy diet while traveling and backpacking! I would love for all of you to read it, find it on the LGO website here.

Ambassador Delaney exploring some awesome frozen falls! Follow her on instagram @delaneyforgette

Ambassador Delaney exploring some awesome frozen falls! Follow her on instagram @delaneyforgette

How does spending time outdoors contribute to your overall sense of well-being?

Being outdoors contributes to my overall sense of well being in many ways, but probably most importantly my mental health. Being outdoors seems to be the cure for everything, even if it is just sitting outside on my front porch. Being outdoors gives me a sense of freedom that nothing else does.

How does spending time in nature influence your perspective on taking care of the environment and living sustainably?

Taking care of the environment is something that is really important to me, especially because I spend so much of my time exploring in nature. My little brother is also my greatest influence when it comes to protecting the environment. Every time I take him out on a hike he brings garbage bags and collects trash along the way. He has made a pretty cool recycling set up in our house and even started his own compost pile all at the age of 12! I try to do everything that I can to help protect the environment as well as advocate to others the importance of keeping our earth clean.

What are your favorite healthy snacks and/or meals to take with you on your adventures?

My favorite snacks to bring on a hike are clif bars and fruit snacks. I like Clif bars because they’re small, but fill me up and gives me a good boost on the trail. Fruit snacks are a nice little sugar boost and they are super yummy. My favorite camping meal is vegetarian goulash! It is really simple to make and it fills me up pretty well. I normally prepare it at home before I take off on a trip. It only has about 5 ingredients so even if I had to make it at the campsite it wouldn't be to hard. All you have to do is cook noodles and lentil beans and then cut up some peppers and onions and mix it all together in spaghetti sauce.

What are your top safety tips for being a female outdoor adventurer? 

My top safety tips for being a female hiker is to make sure someone always knows where I’m going and I make sure to check in at points on the hike if I can. I also make sure I have a little emergency kit filled with everything that I might need incase something were to go wrong. But most importantly I trust my gut feeling and don’t do anything that sends off a negative vibe.

What is the #1 thing you can’t go without when you’re on the trail?

The one thing that I can not go without on the trail is my GoPro! I love to take little videos and pictures of my adventures. I love to be able to show my family members pictures who are not able to take these kinds of adventures, that I am able to.

What advice can you give to those of us who are trying to balance school or work with a desire to experience adventure?

My best advice to balance adventure with school/work is to take as many adventures as you can, even if it means losing a little bit of sleep. This was something that took me awhile to learn, but life is too short to not take every adventure you dream of. But this does not mean that you should slack or not work hard in school or work, but simply you can not let them control you and all of your time, everyone needs a little bit of an adventure.

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