ladies get outside: interview with kelly

It's Tuesday again, which means we have another interview with a Ladies Get Outside ambassador! This time we will be hearing from Kelly, who is an amazing photographer by the way so please check out her instagram feed and give her a follow!

Along with this LGO interview series, I wrote a guest post for them on my experiences in New Zealand plus a few tips on how to maintain a healthy diet while traveling and backpacking! I would love for all of you to read it, find it on the LGO website here.

Ambassador Kelly stopping for a break & enjoying the view! Follow her on instagram @kel.taylor

Ambassador Kelly stopping for a break & enjoying the view! Follow her on instagram @kel.taylor

How does spending time outdoors contribute to your overall sense of well-being?

As an introvert + someone who suffers from anxiety, I find it hard to calm down from time to time in my everyday life. Being outdoors is one of the only places where I feel completely at ease and more like myself. Whether I'm out exploring alone or with a few friends I find that all my worries (whether actual concerns or some made-up scenario due to my anxiety) slip away and I am at peace. The creek near my house is one of my favorite places to sit and relax because the sound of the water is so therapeutic.

How does spending time in nature influence your perspective on taking care of the environment and living sustainably?

Spending time in nature not only deepens my appreciation for the environment, but for the animals that inhabit those areas as well. This concern for the environment is a big part of what drives my decision to cut meat/animal products out of my diet. It makes my heart happy knowing that my small part is helping to combat climate change (deforestation due to factory farming is the #1 leading cause of climate change in the US) My appreciation for nature also inspires me to do my part and leave no trace when I'm outside, as well as helping to clean up after other careless hikers.

What are your favorite healthy snacks and/or meals to take with you on your adventures?

My favorite trail snacks are nuts, kale chips, lots of water, dried fruit, protein bars (Lara + Cliff bars are my favorite) dried or fresh edamame is a great source of protein as well! If I know I'm going to take a day trip, I will usually pack a sandwich, some peanut butter + overnight oats because they're all easy to pack. Sometimes I pack crystal light flavoring to add to my water if I feel I'll need a sugar boost.

What are your top safety tips for being a female outdoor adventurer? 

1. Tell family/close friends where you're going and when to expect your return, just in case.

2. NEVER share on social media that you will be hiking alone/where

3. Bring a small first aid kit if it's not in your everyday pack

What is the #1 thing you can’t go without when you’re on the trail?

My camera! I'm a photographer and LOVE sharing my adventures with others. I always have my camera along with me to document my experience and the beautiful sights!

What advice can you give to those of us who are trying to balance school or work with a desire to experience adventure?

Simply put, you'll make time for the things that are most important to you. Time management is one of the greatest skills to master in my opinion. I lead a pretty busy life but I always make time to get outdoors as much as I can. Sometimes when I have the itch to explore and have some work to do, I use it as motivation to get my butt in gear and finish what I'm working on, or bring it with me and use nature as my office. Being an early-riser can also work to your advantage. Plan a sunrise hike in the morning knowing that you'll be able to get your adventure fix and then get down to business once you're home.

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