ladies get outside: interview with rachel

It's another Trail Tuesday and here is our 5th and FINAL interview with a Ladies Get Outside ambassador! Today we will be hearing from Rachel, who has the world's most adorable adventure buddy Baloo, her Bernese Mountain dog. Please check out her instagram feed and give her a follow!

Along with this LGO interview series, I wrote a guest post for them on my experiences in New Zealand plus a few tips on how to maintain a healthy diet while traveling and backpacking! I would love for all of you to read it, find it on the LGO website here.

Follow ambassador Rachel her on her adventures @rachkenney

Follow ambassador Rachel her on her adventures @rachkenney

How does spending time outdoors contribute to your overall sense of well-being?

Spending time outside has allowed me to grow as an individual and challenge myself. I've found my time outdoors to be very comforting and has shown me how to open up and enjoy the little things. Also it has given me a chance to experience being free in a sense and digging out a whole other side of me I didn't know was there. If I weren't able to get outside I'd probably lose it. The outdoors is mentally stimulating as much as it is physically.

How does spending time in nature influence your perspective on taking care of the environment and living sustainably?

When I go down trails and see garbage and wrappers, graffiti etc. it makes me pretty mad. It just goes to show you how something as simple as picking up after yourself can make a difference. I love the places I hike and I hike there because of the natural beauty, so I don't want anything to alter that in anyway.

What are your favorite healthy snacks and/or meals to take with you on your adventures?

I love fresh fruit and if I'm going on a long hike love making some chicken fajitas! Chicken, veggies, and rice. I make small ones so they're easy to pack and pack a bunch of good carbs and proteins for difficult days for a good refuel. Plus you can add anything you want to them.

What are your top safety tips for being a female outdoor adventurer? 

Always tell someone where you're going and do you research about the hike you plan on doing. Trailhead info, length and weather conditions all play a factor. I also don't go anywhere without my large bottle of bear spray.

What is the #1 thing you canโ€™t go without when youโ€™re on the trail?

The one thing I can't go without... probably my dog unless there is no dogs allowed or conditions would be unsafe for him, but trails without him definitely don't feel as whole. He adds a sense of home wherever we go.

What advice can you give to those of us who are trying to balance school or work with a desire to experience adventure?

Get outside every chance you get. You don't have to go climb a mountain range everyday! Go for a walk in the park, lay out a blanket and read a book, hammock, ride a bike, there are plenty of activities to do outside in between work and classes. Maybe even set a reminder on your phone and set aside a couple minutes or an hour or two a week to enjoy something you like outside. And when you do get a whole day maybe go do a day outing on the trails!

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